Custom Altcoin Creation Service

What We Do

First of all, welcome to our page.

We are a professional team of coders, graphic designers, Community Managers and writers. We have been into altcoin creation service since late 2012. So far, we have created more than 100 cryptocurrency projects for our customers, including websites, faucets, games, block explorers node hosting, and many more crypto related things. We don't use outdated sources. Our sources are being updated frequently, so we can protect our customer's interests, unlike other auto-generating coin services which have 2-3 years old sources full of bugs.

What we can offer you, is privacy and top quality for all our services. Interested for more information? Click button below.

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Altcoin Creation

We create altcoins for our customers. With your altcoin you get a blockchain and a node.

Website & Forum

We also offer website and forum creation. Simple, or complexed. We also can host your websites, forum, nodes and games.